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Impacting your community through service

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Praise the Lord young people, we pray that a passion ignites in your hearts and that this year you are able to serve to those in need and serve our communities with a fervent desire.


Ideas on how to serve your community

  • Host a free community garage sale

  • Organize a community clean up

  • Hand out lunches to homeless in your area

  • Visit your local nursing homes

  • Host a free car wash

  • Deliver baskets of food for those in need

  • Community trash cleanup day

  • Volunteer at your local schools

  • Tutor children in your area

  • Have a beach cleanup day

  • Make “care-kits” with toothbrushes, combs, shampoos etc. and hand out to homeless in your area

  • Give out free donuts and hot chocolate

  • Mow an elderly couple’s lawn

  • Host a puppet show at a children’s hospital

  • Make get well cards for people in hospitals or convalescent homes

  • Get involved or in partnership with non-profit organizations in your city that serves the community. For example:

    • Habitat for Humanity

    • Runway houses

    • Abuse centers

    • Suicide centers

  • You can also look at other ways through websites like


These are just a few ways of getting involved with your communities and becoming that SHINING light that we have been called to be. Take the time to go to your city town hall and get yourselves more informed and familiarized with what your city needs. For more resources from us you can also go to our district website . You can also give direct calls to either one of us and we will be more than willing to help your youth groups out. We are at your services!


We want to thank you once again for taking the time to serve the Lord through your churches and your communities. Let’s move forward in Christ and become a generation that leaves strong foundations for the future generations to build upon and one that gets this world to “glorify your Father in heaven”. Lastly we would like to remind you that the focus of serving the communities is not to raise the numbers of our churches but simply just to be the light that this world needs.




Vicky Suazo & Atalia Morales 

Directors of Community Service and Outreach



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